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Grounds Manager
Responsibilities and Qualifications

Listen to job descriptions below:

Apply by texting in English 603-724-4343

by February 29, 2024.

Kirundi - Kinyarawanda

Grounds Manager Responsibilities:

Educational garden:

  • Lead the compost preparation and bed preparation

  • Help Garden Manager when volunteers are planting of crops in the Educational Garden 

  • Maintain Educational garden throughout the growing season, including weed management, irrigation, and soil health.

Main Garden:

  • Help with plot relabeling

  • Tool care and repair- help keep tools organized and encourage gardeners to do this

  • Repair hand tools and wheelbarrows as needed 

  • Help gardeners understand all rules and tell them if they are breaking a rule.  
    Report to Garden Manager if this continues.  Especially:

  • Be sure garden pathways being kept clear

  • Request gardeners pick up trash when necessary.

  • Well and water tank maintenance:

    • Winterize and Summerize wells with help from Garden Manager if needed.

    • Repair or report any issues with wells as needed.

    • Repair or report any issues with water tanks.

  • Help gardeners with Pest problems: 

    • Tell Garden Manager if groundhogs are becoming an issue

    • Tell gardeners about preventative methods of crop protection 

    • Show gardeners correct use of organic Colorado Potato beetle spray and hand out if requested

  • Communicate the importance of composting and cover cropping. 

  • Distribute cover crop seed and organic fertilizer to gardeners as requested

Grounds Manager Qualifications:

  1. Ability to communicate directly to most gardeners.  

  2. Ability to communicate to the Garden Manager (can be through a reliable interpreter)

  3. Ability to be at garden when most gardeners are there (some evenings and some weekends) and help in Educational Garden during morning hours.

  4. Knowledge of composting/pest management/ cover cropping/ soil improvement  and ability to talk to gardeners about these. 

  5. Willingness to help with youth groups in morning weekdays.

  6. Willingness to talk to gardeners about rules and keeping the rules (when they are not).

  7. Experience repairing tools.  


If interested and qualified, text (in English) Ruth Heath  603-724-4343 by February 29 

This is a contract position and pay is approximate.  

Pay will be about $25 per hour based on qualifications.

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